Mammogram Day

Today I showed up for my annual mammogram.  There is a history of breast cancer in my genes:  I am adopted and have been blessed to learn about the medical history of my biological family.  So I am in the breast center checking in with Linda, the admin lady. We greet each other and hug (I hug everyone) and she asks me about Mama. I tell her she’s well and has been at Sandpiper Assisted Living since October.  

And I remembered that last time I was there with Mom.  She and I were arguing in the car on the way there about something.  I don’t remember the specific issue on that day but I have a vivid snapshot of me seething in anger and my two little boys sitting beside me in the cramped waiting room.  Mom wouldn’t move her wheelchair from the middle of the room for whatever reason and I was about to implode.  I didn’t want my kids there with me, I didn’t want to be there and Mom wouldn’t act right.  She was glad to be out.  At this point in Mom’s life (she’s 81 years old), doctor’s appointments were a vehicle of socializing for her and she didn’t want the appointment to end!! The hour presented lots of challenges.  I had to help Mom get undressed (and dressed again).  Mom couldn’t stand long enough to get the exam quickly but the tech was very patient.  And my boys were unsupervised, slap fighting each other.  The oldest antagonized while the youngest whined.  They dropped snacks and knocked over a brochure rack with Breast Cancer information in it.  I sweated profusely (because I had a pot of coffee before I left the house and that’s just me.  I sweat a lot.)  I wanted to convince everyone that I was not a mean person, despite the tone of my voice when I addressed my eldery mother in the wheelchair and snapped at the kids.  We survived that visit and many others liked it with different doctors.

Today it was just me. All alone.  Solo. Uno.  Wonderful.

I had time to think about that biological history and my biological mother who passed away before we met.  She had a history of breast cancer, and thus my diligence to come for booby mashing, or breast cancer screening.  I am not worried about getting cancer today, because the Lord tells us not to worry and today has enough cares of its own.  I was lost in my own thoughts as the tech called my name.

“Mrs. Kennedy, come on back.”

I followed her and she showed me down the hall and into the small room where I could get dressed in the little gown that are used for exams.  She told me to meet her across the hall for the test.  I came out of the changing room at the Breast Center and I wasn’t 100% positive that I had my cute little mammogram smock on the right way.  I walked into the hallway and asked the tech, “This seems weird.  Does this open in the front or the back?”  She looked at me, a little shocked and said, “The gown is on the right way but you didn’t have to take your pants off.”

I realized at that moment that I was standing there in my underwear, and the half-gown shawl draped over my shoulders! All I could do was start laughing.  The tech laughed and then we roared!!!

I said, “Hold up. Let me put my pants on and I’ll be right back!!”  I was so undone with laughter that I couldn’t compose myself! We snickered and joked through the exam and the tech assured me that I wasn’t the only one to come out pantless.

I appreciated her kindness and thought to myself, “Really? Are you the lady that walks out with no pants on? How did I get here? Just willy-nilly taking off my pants?”

I thought of the scripture that says, “Therefore I tell you don’t worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.  Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Matthew 6:25”

Clearly I’m not worried about clothes!  And we shouldn’t worry about anything because our Heavenly Father loves us.

Blessings and Love!


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